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Heath House Lane, Purdown

An archaeological watching brief during construction of a new healthcare building at Heath House Lane Purdown has found part of a late prehistoric or Roman settlement with a row of post pits and several circular pits containing a large amount of charcoal.

Brent Knoll, Somerset

Archaeological evaluation to the south-east of Brent Knoll in Somerset revealed evidence of land reclamation around the ‘Island’ of Brent Knoll, which dates to the Romano-British period, with pottery sherds and fragments of animal bone found.

Former Soldiers Infirmary, Albion Terrace

Excavation work on the site of Albion Terrace have revealed an earlier building dating back to the seventeenth century and shown on an 18th-century plan to be a building leased by the Corporation of Bristol to house sick and diseased soldiers.

Medieval Boat Timber, Arnolfini Gallery

Groundworks monitored during a recent extension to the former Bush warehouse, now the Arnolfini Gallery, have revealed a piece of worked timber, recovered from alluvial clay beneath the footings of the original northern wall of the warehouse.

Early Medieval Waterfront, Bristol

Mitigation work to record surface archaeology on a site adjacent to the south east corner of Bristol Bridge, produced evidence of waterfront activity dating back to the 12th century, as well as subsequent phases of land reclamation and construction.

Broomwell House, Brislington

Archaeologists, monitoring a site in Wick Road, Brislington have been investigating the remains of Broomwell House, a substantial stone house built in the 1760s and which has a particular significance for anyone interested in the archaeology of Bristol.

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