Archaeological Post-Excavation Work

Once a site has finished, a great deal of analysis has to take place to enable us to produce a report. Sometimes we produce only a report for the client or developer who funded the work, but sometimes we publish our sites more widely, for example in Bristol and Avon Archaeology or other periodicals.

wooden stake

Illustration of a prehistoric woodern point from an excavation near Axbridge in Somerset.

The site paperwork has to be collated, the finds cleaned and identified by specialists, and the evidence from soil samples examined. The site drawings will be used together with the finds dating and the relationships information to produce phase plans, so that we can show what the site was like at any given period during its life. The finds and soil samples help to build a picture of the use and occupation of the site. Survey data is used to produce accurate location plans, and many of the finds are drawn to scale or photographed.