Bath Spa Railway Station

Brunel’s Bath Spa Railway Station has been undergoing renovation and rebuilding works since late 2010 with BaRAS monitoring these alterations.

The majority of the work so far has concentrated on the south and west sides of the station and will enable the southern part to be re-opened and function as it was originally constructed. The 1897 lift car has been raised and permanently fixed at platform level, and internally restored. The decorative wooden benches and side panels have been repaired and French polished and the glass-panelled roof replaced to create a feature visible from the platform.

The arches under the platforms and tracks are being restored for use as commercial units. Some earlier walls and floors have been encountered during this process.

railway arch at bath railway station

Ground reduction in one of the railway arches

External works have required a large amount of new service ducts and drainage to be installed and therefore a number of trenches have been dug around the station to facilitate this. Internally a number of walls and features have been exposed when the lift shafts were dug out, plaster removed and floors replaced. These have also been recorded and will ultimately add to our understanding of how the station has evolved since its construction in 1840.

removal of granite-cobbled surface at bath railway station

Removal of granite-cobbled surface at the western end of the station, with the newly installed platform canopy visible in the background

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